PINC Cancer Rehabilitation

At PMPP we have a specialist PINC physiotherapist who is qualified to assist patients through their cancer treatment and rehabilitation journey. 


At PMPP our physiotherapist Ali Wilson has completed her PINC certification and is qualified as a PINC cancer rehabilitation Physiotherapist.

The cancer statistics these days are alarmingly high, and while we live in an era where, thankfully, a lot of people can achieve complete remission, there are many secondary complications of cancer treatment that can leave the person with pain, loss of function and poor quality of life. These may include painful surgical scars, poor strength/flexibility/joint range of movement, fatigue, low bone mineral density, poor self esteem/body image and altered breathing patterns which can feed into the cycle of anxiety and overwhelm.

The PINC course provides qualified physiotherapists with a strong medical understanding of cancer pathophysiology, the various forms of cancer treatment, treatment side effects including fatigue, nausea, altered peripheral sensation, as well as the medical journey that people with cancer go through.

The PINC course focuses on living live to the full as a cancer survivor. Depending on the person’s diagnosis, treatment, goals and prognosis, PINC sessions may involve a combination of hands-on physiotherapy to mobilise scar tissue, regain full joint range of movement and loosen tight muscles, breathing re-training, or creating an individualised home exercise program. Sessions may also involve using our Pilates studio to undertake a tailored exercise program, which aims to improve general fitness and wellbeing, leaving the person feeling energised and confident.

Ali’s knowledge and skill set gained from the PINC course can assist people at any stage of their cancer journey – from early diagnosis, during or after cancer treatment, or even once in full remission and planning for the future.

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